2017- 		Teacher Digital Media at Artez Graphic Design, Arnhem NL
		media literacy, graphic-design-without-adobe, research, f/loss computing, student mentoring

2014-2017	Teacher Digital Craft Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam, NL
		digital fabrication, research, f/loss computing, student mentoring

2013		Teaching assistant Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam, NL
		educator, minor Open-Source, digital fabrication, f/loss computing

2012/2014	Piet Zwart Instititute Networked Media, Rotterdam, NL
		MA f/loss computing, networked politics, new media

2011		Österreichischen Skulpturenpark, Graz, AT
		Design and development of interactive installation 

2011		Interface Cultures Lab, Linz, AT
		Erasmus Exchange, new media, interactive design

2009/2012	Photographer and photographer's assistant
		Work as a freelance photographer, assistant

2008/2012	Willem De Kooning Academy
		Fine Arts BA, honours, artistic research

2008		NRC Handelsblad
		Work as assistant for the domestic and online editorial staff

2002/2008	Gymnasium Erasmianum
		history, philosophy, arts, contemporary and ancient languages


2017		Materialising The Internet
		group show
		MU Art Space, Eindhoven, NL

2017		Zero Footprint Campus
		group show, also see
		Department of Search, Utrecht University, NL

2017		Pin It!
		group show, also see Sign of The Times
		Europäisches Hansemuseum, Lübeck, DE

2016		Sign Of The Times
		group show
		Zeeuws Museum, Middelburg, NL

2016		Dan D - Open Design
		Group show
		Mocvara, Zagreb, HR

2015		Design my Privacy
		Group show
		Museum of the Image, Breda, NL

2015		Grant for Talent Development
		Personal Grant
		Creative Industry Fund, NL
2015		Parrhesia part 1
		Group show with Katja Verheul, Woodstone Kugelblitz, Yuri Veerman, DesignArbeid, Sulsolsal, Gijs de Heij, Eleni Kamma
		SIGN, Groningen, NL

2014		The Value Of Nothing / Fieldwork Friday
		Group show/residency/commission
		TENT, Rotterdam, NL

2014		V2_ Test_lab: The Graduation Edition 2014
		Group show/presentation night
		V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media, Rotterdam, NL

2014		Unlinked
		Piet Zwart Institute MA MMDC graduation show
		TENT, Rotterdam, NL

2013 		Summer Sessions 2013
		Grant for residency at Laboral, Gijon, ES
		By V2_, Rotterdam, NL

2013		Cyber (in)securities
		Group show
		WPA, Washington D.C., US

2013		Movable Borders: Here Come The Drones
		Group show
		Furtherfield Gallery, London, UK

2013		M.A.L.E.
		solo exhibition
		Semmer Galerie, Berlin, DE

2012		Telewar
		research residency and exhibition
		Upominki, Rotterdam, NL

2012		Kunstvlaai 2012
		group show
		Kunstvlaai 2012, Amsterdam, NL

2012		WDKA Graduation Show
		graduation show
		Feniksloodsen, Rotterdam, NL

2012		Creative Now!
		group show
		Worm, Rotterdam, NL

2012		Another Day Another Show
		group show with
		Roos Wijma, Joey Verberkt, Claire van Lubeek and Rosa Peters
		Duende, Rotterdam, NL

2012		Leerling/Meester with Ahmet Ogut
		groupshow with Katja Verheul and Sofia Montenegro

2011		The Carousel
		Residency and production grant
		Österreichischen Skulpturenpark, Graz, AT


2017		Pretty Fly For A Wi-fi Cantenna Crafting workshop
		Workshop on building DIY Wi-fi antennas
		NeON, Dundee, UK

2017		Pretty Fly For A Wi-fi Cantenna Crafting workshop
		Workshop on DIY Cantenna building in collaboration with Dennis De Bel
		MU, Eindhoven, NL

2016		Modifiying The Universal
		Workshop in collaboration with Femke Snelting, Peggy Pierrot
		Malmö University,Malmö, SE

2016		Transmediale: Off the Cloud Zone
		Talk and workshop
		HKW, Berlin, DE

2015		Radical Networks
		Talk and workshop during conference
		NYU, New York City, USA

2015		Relearn 2015
		Week long summerschool rethinking technology and educational processes
		Zinekke, Bruxelles, BE

2015		Crypto Design Salon XL
		Talk on
		MOTI/Museum Of The Image, Breda, NL

2015		The Internetional
		Workshops and installation during symposium
		WORM/TENT/V2_, Rotterdam, NL

2014		Radio & The Commons
		Talk + workshop about radio technology 
		Localhost, Edinburgh, UK

2014		Bibliotecha, Unitary Networks workshops
		workshops about Bibliotecha and Meshenger
		AMRO Festival, Linz, AT

2013		Crosslab: New Currencies
		Talk / reflection on new and/or alternative currencies
		Cafe de Unie, Rotterdam, NL


2014		Drempelprijs Jury 2014
		Sat in the jury to award the Drempelprijs for autonomous practices to graduated WDKA students.
		Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam, NL 

2012		Less Is More, More Or Less
		Commission to reflect on Rotterdam's collection of public artworks. In collaboration with Micha Prinsen.
		TENT, Rotterdam, NL


2017		Have you considered the alternative?
		co-authored with Lidia Pereira, Cristina Cochior, Manetta Berends, Aymeric Mansoux, Dennis de Bel, Danny van der Kleij

2017		Data Browser #6: Executing Practices 
		edited by Helen Pritchard, Eric Snodgrass & Magda Tyźlik-Carver published by Autonomedia

2016		Person With Ball
		retracing the development a single unicode emoji from bitmap to ethnified and genderized representation 

2016		R&D: a low end rich media publication
		Collection of projects, essays and diy guides
		WORM Parallel University Press